Quality worthy of time
Quality worthy of time

Concrete repair

Stuctural repair of concrete and cracks in concrete (13)

Structural repair allows restoration of initial dimensions and strength characteristics of various concrete structures, including bearing elements. First of all, it involves the repair of cracks in concrete caused by the influence of mechanical or other external factors. Due to structural repair, the concrete base is gaining its former strength and restores its bearing capacity. Repair of cracks in concrete Special dry mixes of various properties are used to repair cracks in concrete. Such mixes may be of thixotropic or expanding type, and contain polymeric fibers, brass coated steel fibers and other fibers. Application (placement) thickness of these mixes shall be from 20 to 200 mm and more. Repair of cracks in concrete shall be performed both in industrial and residential a

Super fast concrete repair (including repair at low temperatures) (5)

In this section you will find products for concrete repair at low temperatures which allow performance of repairing works in winter time excluding provision of an enclosure or other method of heating of the freshly placed repair material. Such products allow to significantly reduce the time and cost of repair and restoration work, to avoid seasonality of their implementation, timely eliminate and prevent emergency situations. Besides they are especially relevant in winter to eliminate the defects of cast-in-place concreting and to prevent suspension of construction. As products of this range may be also applied at positive temperatures, their characteristics allow to carry out works in the "technological windows" both for transport infrastructure projects (railways and roads, airfield pave

Non-structural repair (4)

Presented in this section products for non-structural repair of concrete, in contrast to products for structural repair, do not have enhanced physical and mechanical properties at the age of 28 days, but their high daily strength (approximately 50%), combined with small specific weight, create all the prerequisites for high-quality cosmetic repair even in short time periods.