Quality worthy of time
Quality worthy of time

Underground construction

Spray-concrete (16)

Spray-concrete technology (shotcreteа) has become an important step in development of the tunneling and mining industries. Due to the last generation products combined with modern equipment the spray-concrete has become the key method of excavation securing in the process of underground works. Spray-concrete is perfectly fixed when facing tunnels and secures the walls, ideally matching the contour of its excavation, and also hardens and gains strength in a very short period of time.

Waterproofing (1)

Spray waterproofing membrane is an innovative solution for waterproofing in underground construction. It differs by easy application and solves technical problems that are difficult to implement using conventional sheet membranes.

Injection materials (18)

MasterRoc materials, intended for injection, effectively penetrate into thin cracks in the rock and into fine-grained soils, ensuring reliable water impermeability, stability and durability.