Quality worthy of time
Quality worthy of time

About our company

Closed Joint-Stock Company “EMAKOM” since 2005 has been actively promoting innovative solutions for repairing and construction of concrete and reinforced concrete structures satisfying demands of the construction market of the Republic of Belarus. Basically the Company’s activities are focused on solving the problems not related to general construction works.

At present CJSC “EMAKOM”  — is the authorized dealer for the sale of BASF (OOO “BASF Stroitelnye Sistemy”) construction chemicals in the Republic of Belarus, and we’ve got gratitude for stable and effective work throughout many years of our partnership. Due to cooperation with BASF, ranges of high quality products for all industries and production sectors have become easily recognizable on the construction market of Belarus.

MasterAir – air-entraining admixtures;

MasterBrace – for reinforcement of construction structures;

MasterCast – admixtures for rigid concrete mixtures;

MasterCem – cement admixtures;;

MasterEmaco – materials for repair of concrete and reinforced concrete;

MasterFinish – additives for concrete mixtures;

MasterFlow – solutions for installation of equipment and metal structures;

MasterFiber – materials increasing structural resistance to loads;

MasterGlenium – high-range water-reducing concrete admixtures;

MasterInject – crack repair and injecting resins;

MasterKure – curing agents for fresh concrete;

MasterLife – durability enhancing concrete admixtures;

MasterMatrix – concrete viscosity modifiers;

MasterPel – admixtures enhancing concrete water resistance;

MasterPoyheed – water-reducing admixtures improving concrete performance with excellent early strength;

MasterPozzolith – solutions to increase concrete plasticity;

MasterProtect – solutions for protection of structures;

MasterRheobuild – concrete plasticizers;

MasterSeal – waterproofing and sealing solutions;

MasterRoc – materials for underground construction;

MasterSet – solutions for concrete curing period optimization;

MasterSure – solutions for concrete rheology control;

MasterTop – systems for application of decorative and industrial floors;

Master X-Seed – advanced concrete hardening accelerators;

MasterTile – tile fixing systems;

Ucrete – flooring systems for food and chemical industries.

BASF is the world leader in the chemical industry including production of construction chemicals.

        At present there are company’s four plants on the territory of the CIS countries producing materials for protection and repair of buildings and structures and also concrete admixtures. Due to localization of plants and implementation of advanced technologies combined with innovative development BASF products allow to meet the highest specifications and demands of our clients at all stages of structural maintenance.

The information is based on documents located on OOO “BASF Stroitelnye Sistemy” web-site.